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USS Constellation (CV 64) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Constellation (CV 64). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2939 crew members registered for the USS Constellation (CV 64).

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Taylor, William (Bill)AE31964 – 1965V-6Spent first month aboard in V-3 then transferred to V-1. Stayed there until I made 3rd then went to v-6. Shortly after was transferred back to Flight Deck as Flight Deck Electrician. Great job.
Delk, RonAN1964 – 1965Heavy 10Remember the gulf of tonkin very well. Steamed from hong kong to south china sea. On station sixty two days.
Ponder, JamesE31964 – 1968James is my dad and he passed away in 1997.I am not sure of his actual time on the ship.I just know he was there.If anyone remembers him please contact me, I would love to hear stories or even see a picture, I would like to show my children
Hall, Finis Keith3rd Class Petty Officer1964 – 1965AirKeith Hall is my father. not sure of his rank (3rd class petty officer?). He was aboard approx 1964-65. He worked in catapults & elevators. If any of you remember him, please email me!
Chaplow, MikeYN31964 – 1965Commander Carrier Division NineLooking for Jim Steward- Eloy Hara- Jim Broom
Pankey, JimPR21964 – 1965Parachute LoftRating: PR2. Served on Special Weapons Loading Team Retired (after 4 year break in service) on 20 years active duty, 31 January 1985. Sailed aboard 6 bird farms from Vietnam to Greece. Resident, Naval Home, Gulfport.
Tavares, DavidBM31964 – 1968Navy - USN
Breault, RobertMR3Jan 1964 – Dec 1966A5
Taylor, BillAE3Jan 1964 – May 1966V-6Best duty ever.
Hulsey,, OdumAbanJan 1964 – Oct 1964V1
Durham, StevenFNJan 1964 – May 11, 1966B- Division #4 MMRMade one West pack cruse did the Gulf of Tonkin seine and 9 months in Bremerton for the overhaul had a son born there turned 21 there, Was extended got out just hours befor ship deployed for another west pack cruse .
Harris, Thomassfm3Jan 5, 1964 – Apr 10, 1967(R) repair and damage controll
Truitt, TomRM-3Jan 8, 1964 – Dec 15, 1964RadioThis was my final year of a 4 year enlistment, I remember leaving Pearl for a WestPac cruise and getting urgent message to report to South China Sea. Our division went on Port and Starboard watch for 9 months.
McReynolds, BillABE2Feb 1964 – Jul 1967V2Great memories serving aboard a Great Ship. 3 westpac's, Gulf of Tonkin, Subic, Hong Kong, Japan. Went to the decommissioning to say goodby.
Toriello, Robert/bobABFANFeb 1964 – Dec 5, 1966v421/2 great years, many fond memories. 2 wes pac deployments. Can't believe she is retired,but she deserves it.
Huffman, Arthur A. (Andy)SM3Feb 1, 1964 – Dec 1, 1964Was part of RADM William S. Guest's compliment. Although I was an SM, I was used as a QM on the flag bridge at the ploting board. Was on the flag bridge during the Gulf of Tonkin Incident (#2).
Vasquez, JohnSH3(B)Feb 24, 1964 – Feb 1, 1965S3, SHIPS SERVICEFrom San Marcos, Texas. Work in the crews and staff barbershops for a year and then discharged.
Barten, HankMM3Mar 1964 – Mar 1964A6 gangHad a lot of good times as well as the bad, but the good ones won out.
Oestreich, RodRD2Mar 4, 1964 – Aug 6, 1966OPSWas CIC surface superviser during Gulf Of Tonkin incident.Would like to hear from shipmates
Johnson, Steven JohnneyPN3Apr 1964 – Dec 17, 1964VF-142 CAW-14I was in VF-142 spent somt time messcooking aft mess deck.Had some good friends Terry Bell being one. Was also assinged to loading Bombs on flightdeck. Loved Hong Kong and Olongapo Hawaii & Japan lots of friends in San Diego & NAS Miramar.
Lamar, JohnpfcApr 1964 – Nov 1965marine detachment
Zumbro, Dickae3Apr 1, 1964 – Jun 8, 1967amidI started in the v1, then v3. Got lucky and went to v6 electric shop. My life changed as i went to school for sace . And who turned up as the shop chief but my dad chief zumbro.. i retried with 30 years, AECS
Bean, FrankANMay 1964 – Apr 19, 1965V3
Roberson, DonAK-3May 1964 – Nov 1965S-6
Camacho, EliasBM2May 1964 – Feb 19692nd and 4th weapons div.
Hall, JamesGMT3May 12, 1964 – Aug 1967WThree west-pac tours. Heavy and hot duty. Saved Ron Stewart from drowning in Yokosuka bay after he jumped from flight deck. Loved the hilltop club in Subic Bay. Would like to hear from other "W" Div. mates who I served with.
Pike, GaryLTJun 1964 – Jul 1966DECK, EXECUTIVE
Henson, JoeBMSNJun 1, 1964 – Feb 16, 1967Div-4The Connie...was in Div-4 with Tom 'Mac' McKenzie, Lorenzo Carter, Cleveland Cosom, Jack Parker and many others. that was 'my' Navy, the 'real' Navy. i hope they dont scrap her. take care Connie.
Baldwin, NickHMJul 1964 – Jul 1965Medical ServiceI have not looked at my DD214 for over 30 years, so exact dates uncertain. I remember our motto, on patches-"64 in '64" I fondly remember 'yankee station' and Yokosuka and 12 on 12 off duty during flight ops.
Berry, IvanSGT>Jul 1, 1964 – Jun 1, 1966Flag Marine
Keeton, Orvillebt2Aug 1964 – Dec 22, 1967bany one in b div in1965
Williamson, RoyLTJGAug 1, 1964 – Jan 31, 1967OIProbably the most memorable and significant achievements of my life. Ruthrauff, Vilmont, Lehman, Shiel, Mayberry, Ostegren, Young, Healy, Carter, Butcher -- where are you now? You guys were the best.
Melius, PatrickETNSNAug 11, 1964 – Apr 1965OEI worked on UHF communications equipment. Really enjoyed the guys I worked with. Made E4 and got transferred to Tiawan.
Clark, Willie T.SEAMAN E-3Sep 1964 – Feb 1965OEPSI, served as Yeoman for OE Division
gates, raymond kCPLSep 4, 1964 – Aug 8, 1966Marine Det.Served on Connie during 2 WestPac tours 1964, 1966
Combs, DavidFiremanSep 7, 1964 – Oct 1965A Div.Started out as Machinery Repairman Striker and transferred to Boat Shop as an Engineman Striker.
Rowe, DennisETN3Sep 23, 1964 – Jun 29, 1966OE
Thompson, StanleyBT3Dec 7, 1964 – Dec 15, 1967BI served on Connie from 64 to 67. I worked in Boiler room 3. Would like to talk to any one from B Div. that I served with.
Montgomery, Leo1965 – 1969S-3I too got on in Bremerton, stayed for 3 west -pac's I was really saddened to hear about the sinking but she well live on in my mind.
Cowher, RonPT3 (E-4)1965 – Oct 1968IOICJust looking for some of the old guys
Pearcy, William (Bill)AC31965 – Apr 1967OC
Swinnerton, LarryE-41965 – Oct 1, 1965RetiredRetired medicalily in 65 worked fop Omaha PD as radio operato till 74. Went to work for PO and retired with 32 yrs in 05. Wife and I live in Louisburg, Ks
Champlin, Kenneth (Champ)EN31965 – 1966A DivisionSaw Donna Douglas in 1992 and got to talk to her! She apologized for not getting to spend more time with the enlisted men! Looked as good as she ever did!
Osborne, JohnnyAN1965 – 1966V4
Haskins, BillGMT3Jan 1965 – Jun 1968W
Stewart, WilliePN3 (e-4)Jan 1965 – Dec 1967Personnel /Admin divI was stationed at NAS pensacola, Fla and my squardon was RVAH-12 and I went to Viet Nam on th Connie in 1966-67. Was honorably discharged in Dec 67.
Antos, LukeJan 21, 1965 – Dec 21, 1967GRelegated to the bomb elevator repair crew after reviewing AO A school scores. Don't know if that's a plus. Would like to hook up with Getty, Mastain, Pichon, Lancaster, Ramstetter, Cox, Riggs, Russel, and others. It must have been a plus.
Hooten, RussellAO2Feb 15, 1965 – Nov 11, 1967GI worked in the Bomb Elevator repair crew while we were in the yards in 1965. When the yard worked ened I worked in the Air Launched Guided Missile shop, until Nov 1967
Bender, DavidRD3Mar 1965 –radar
O'Brien, GroverGMG3Mar 14, 1965 – Dec 20, 1967Gworked and hung out alot in the armory, had a great bunch of guys, would like to here from waldo from washington heights, chief lopez, chief killerl
Peckham, JesseE-4 BOATSON MATE 3RD CLASSMar 22, 1965 – Mar 22, 19693 rdany body still kicking , like to hear from anybody in the third div.did three tours in the gulf of tonkin when connie was cva-64. i'm looking at the cruise books and thinking of you guys. to everyone welcome home. uss ticonderoga 1965-67
Whitener, WayneAE 2Apr 1965 – May 28, 1968AvonicsShips COD crew
Selvestra, George (Tiny) profile iconDS2May 1965 – Sep 1966OEDS2 Display Tech - Went aboard when she was in Bremerton in dry dock. Mess Deck MAA for a few months till our gear was installed then to CIC area to work
Carver, GaryEM2May 1965 – Dec 1967EFound about 30 E div shipmates. Still looking for Joe Duquette, Al Zentz, Rich clark, and Ted Witek
Norbeck, KenFA/YNSNMay 10, 1965 – Apr 27, 1967BWent aboard as a FA and got lucky with B Div Officer to send me to YN school. Retired in 1985 as YN1.
Rocha, Georgeabe3Jun 20, 1965 – Jun 20, 1969v2i did arresting gear and launch and recovery.
Stoddard, William (Bill)GMM3Jun 29, 1965 – Feb 23, 1967SAM/6thReported while Connie was in the yard in Bremerton. I loved that ship and went to the reunion & decom in San Diego on Aug. 7th, 2003. A ship's reunion in Bremerton, WA Oct 21-25, 2007. See our web site at
Stoddard, William/bill profile iconGMM3/2Jun 30, 1965 – Feb 27, 19676th /SAM DIvisionStarboard Terrier Missile Launcher 1966 Cruise Book Staff
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Porter, DouglasRM3Jul 1965 – Jun 1967communications
Johnson, DougE2Jul 1965 – Dec 30, 1967P2
Bow, BobCDRAug 1965 – Feb 1967Supply
Gambel, DanielOS-1Aug 1965 – May 1970OZ (IOIC)LPO Of the IOIC and Intelligence Division.
Pearce, CharlesFiremanAug 1965 –Repair (R)Worked in the ship fitters shop. from 65 - May 68. Met a lot of good guys but have not had contact with any of them. It will be interesting to see who remembers me. If any.
Perata, MichaelSNAug 1, 1965 – Apr 21, 1967S-6 Aviation StoresWas the only SN working in an Aviation Division who earned the Red "E". Yankee Station 1966 I could have been a better sailor, but I gave a damn.
Glover, DonE4Aug 3, 1965 – Apr 2, 1967V2 - Catapult Crew Assigned to the connie when it was in dry dock in the state of Washington. Did a tour in the Gulf of tonkin. Connie was a sweet heart of a ship.
Carr, HarveyBM3Aug 15, 1965 – Dec 17, 1967ThirdGreat ship and great people. There wer times that were rough but it was great duty. Served as POC of the boat could not ask for a better assignment. Miss those days.
Sims, RobertE-3Aug 20, 1965 – Apr 5, 1969Second
Carr, HarveyBM3Sep 1965 – Dec 17, 19673 RDOne of the best times of my life...had a ball. Was the POIC of the boat crew when left in port. Spent time ashore in Hawaii and then the PI while the ship was at sea. a lot of friends...miss them.
Wilson, GeorgeANSep 1965 – May 1968V1Flight deck crew, Fly-2
King, Samuel profile iconSNSep 1965 – Apr 1967communicationsAfter a rocky start to my tour aboard the Connie I made one Westpac cruise in 1966. My best friend aboard was Chief Charles Hayward who became a father figure to me. I regret not extending for another cruise.
Gerber, GeorgeE4Sep 24, 1965 – Sep 24, 1967V1
Paoletto, NickBM3Oct 1965 – Jul 19651st
Sobbry, William GaryBT 3Oct 4, 1965 – Sep 29, 1968b & p2work 3mmr with big jim sackey
Sobbry, GaryBT3Oct 4, 1965 – Oct 4, 1968B divisionglad to be out of the navy but had some good times
Sobbry, William GaryBT3Oct 29, 1965 – Oct 29, 1968b 3mmrwas a boiler operator went on 3 west pac cruises
Shaw, Harold E.ASE3Nov 1965 – Jan 1967V-61966 WESTPAC cruise. Flight deck ground support equipment tech '66 & '67. Lots of memories some good, some not so good. It was a good ride. Retire in peace Connie.
Shelton, RogerE3Nov 1965 – Jan 1967V2
Line, DennyAN (ADJNov 1965 – Jun 1966V3 (aircraft engine shop )came aboard in bremerton,left in subic bay, flew back to USA for discharge
Solow, NormanAMH-3Nov 1965 – May 1, 1968AIMD
Majeski, DennisAE3Nov 11, 1965 – May 14, 1967V-6 and E div (Battery Locker)TAD to E Division to coop the Aviation Batteries.
Gerber, GeorgeABH-3Dec 1965 – Oct 1967V1I worked in the crash crew and opperated the Tilly and the Boat and Aircraft crane, I have many good memeries and would like to share them with former crew members.
Woods, RonaldRM2Dec 6, 1965 – May 16, 1969CommunicationsIcame aboard the Connie as a CYNSN. I made CYN3 before being xferred to COMALSEAFRON, Kodiak Al.,on 3/30/1967. Returned to the Connie 5/1/68 as an RM2 till discharge 5/16/69. Did 2 WESPACS while on board.
Woods, RonnRM2Dec 6, 1965 – May 16, 1969CRCame onbord the Connie Dec 1965 as CYNSA. Left in 1969 as RM2. Transferred in 1967 to serve on staff of ComAlSeaFron in Alaska as CYN3. Retruned to Connie in 1968. Best Buds were: Tom Mann, Howard and Ellis.

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