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USS Bon Homme Richard (CV 31) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bon Homme Richard (CV 31). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 301 crew members registered for the USS Bon Homme Richard (CV 31).

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Ammons, SamAC21961 – 1964OC CCA
Simpson, JosephBT31961 – 1963boiler roomBoarded the Bonnie Dick April/May 1961 in San Diego. Made two cruises to West Pac as a boiler man in #2 fire room. Enjoyed the time aboard her! Would enjoy hearing from any other guys from #2 fire room.
Chadwell, PatSEAMAN1961 – Jun 11, 1962gunnersmatetransfered from AR 6 USS AJAX and was put in the gunnersmate div. lots of good times and bad but they all turned out to be fun in the long run.....
Chandler, Overton "o.b."AVIATION\'S MATE JET 2ND CLASS (E-5)1961 – 1967Squadron Golden DragonsI served on the Bon Homme Richard and a short time on the Ticonderoga before I got off of active duty. I was a jet engine mechanic, served as a plane captain for part of the first cruise and then was transferred to the maintenance office
Langill, EdwardPR-31961 – 1964V-6
Joplin, Monroerd3Mar 1961 – Feb 1963oiLots of great memories. Enjoyed working with Division people. Probably had the best impact on my life at the time. Too bad we couldn't save her for a museum. Sorry that I missed serving on her during Vietnam.
Speed, JamesDC3Mar 15, 1961 – Nov 21, 1963E-RWorked in the DC shop with great group of guys. Andy Devine, Art Mays, Ray Knight, Bob LaFountaine and more. Best years of my life. Would give a lot to relive them again.
Barnes, Richard/rickRD3/E4Mar 20, 1961 – Dec 17, 1964oiwas on the ship for 3 1/2 years had some great times with the guys in the west pac. looking for any of the men from 1961 dec 1964 from oi division
Fruhwirth, CletusRM 3Apr 1961 – May 1964CR division-radiomenI was on the ship for 3 yrs. Had a great time. Eugene Fitzmorris is a guy would to look up & AB Grubbs & Tommy Grubbs. I live in Iowa-am retired from Winnebago Inds in 2010. Crystal Lake, Iowa
Henderson, JackLTJGApr 15, 1961 – Jul 3, 1963HAs H Division Officer, I had the pleasure of working with the most professional and talented corpsmen you could ask for. One of the best tours of duty in my 23 years in the Navy.
Nicolet, RoyRD2Apr 26, 1961 – Dec 19, 1964OI
Sanson, ErnieMM3May 1961 – Aug 24, 1964EngineeringNow remarried living in the Philippines with a beautiful Philippine gal.
Holmes, S.t.AK3May 30, 1961 – Jan 8, 1965Aviation Supply S-6
Tabor, Harrybm3Jun 1961 – Jan 31, 1965w1i wonder how the men did after the left the navy
Grubbs, BillRM3Jun 1, 1961 – Feb 1, 1964CRBoarded the ship in Subic Bay as transfer from USS Renville. My brother also served on the BHR with me for a year.
White, JamesFTG2Aug 1961 – Sep 6, 1963Fox divisionTwo Westpac cruises. Put 36 years in. Looking for Rudolph Satterstrom (Minn) and David Johnson (Portland, Or). J White @
Harding, MikePH3Aug 1, 1961 – Aug 1, 1963
Dinwiddie, William J (Bill)ETSN/DTSNSep 1961 – Feb 1964ET and DentalTransfered to the Canberra for duty with my younger brother, then joined the Army in Nov. 1965 and retired in 1981.
Dinwiddie, William J (Bill)SNSep 10, 1961 – Feb 5, 1964OE, Dental
Kozlowski, Ray (Ski)snSep 14, 1961 – Jun 15, 1963XWorked in Chaplains Office
Barnes, JohnSNDec 21, 1961 – Aug 20, 1962I went onboard right after boot camp and left the ship in Japan to go back to RD "A" class at Treasure Island' While i was on board we had a great time and meet a lot of great guys. My brother Rick was also in OI Div.
Sisk, LarryPC31962 – 1963XPaydays were hell selling all those money orders for the guys to send back home. We were always up half the night trying to balance. HAHAHAHAHA Thanks to the mess cooks for supplying a few goodies to keep us going.
Ferguson, GaryBT31962 – 1964EBHi to all the guys in #3 Fireroom. We had some great times...
Meckna, Paul (Meck)E-3 avation ordenceJan 1962 – 1966GG divI't shure like to find some of my old shipmates.. Whats become of them. I'm Married 2nd tim have 2 girls and 2 grand sons with 1 more do in Aug
Hartsgrove, JamesEM-2Mar 1, 1962 – Jul 23, 1964EEHello to all in EE Div. Hope you have had a good life.
Jordan, MiltonE3Mar 15, 1962 – Mar 12, 1965V5Proudly served aboard for two westpacs and the first Concord Squadron.
McElroy, KeithSNMar 28, 1962 – Aug 5, 1962OIMy first ship in the Navy. Six months onboard before Radar Class A Radar School at Treasure Island
Eckburg, BasilSMJul 1962 – Jun 19663
Barry, MichaelANJul 7, 1962 – Sep 21, 1963GGI was in the GG Divison under LTJG D.H. Forsthre in July of 1962. I was discharged in Bremington, Washington on September 21, 1963. I have searched for years for Stan Lowry AO3 from Philadelphia who served with me.
MacKay, DouglasPR3Aug 1, 1962 – Apr 5, 1965VF191Best was the trip to Africa >Worst was the riots in Subic Aug of 64
Koeppen, Larry/kepATN-3/21963 – 1966V6Concord Squadron, flew with Shah, President Kenyatta, etc. Best bud - Charlie Bartlett, Chief Rezebeck. Worst: Blew out reduction gear, 64?
Self, Billy JME 11963 – 1968ER
Cox, RichardE31963 – Apr 1966S3The bulk of my time aboard was as one of the six ships barbers. and by the way the correct command was CV/CVA31
Carlen, JerrySF3Jan 1963 – Dec 1967erhad the best working parties. we had the repair lockers to hide the food also we had the only dog in the Navy and we didn't hurt Subic Bay that bad
MacKay, DouglasDOUGLAS MACKAYJan 1, 1963 – Nov 25, 1964VF 191Parachute Rigger. Concord squadron to Africa and the race riots in Subic.
Holdredge, TedAO3Jan 7, 1963 – Apr 4, 1966GG
Rutlege, DonaldBM2Jan 10, 1963 – Oct 3, 1966firstwould like to hear from anyone who rembers me.
Buol, BudABF-3Mar 1963 – Jul 1966V-4Too many memories....playing surfer guitar music with Bill, We called ourselves The Chapparelles, and played frquently at the Bar Memories in Sasebo when in port......the Shellback initiation in the Indian Ocean, etc, et
Ralston, JamesE3Mar 13, 1963 – Mar 12, 1965V3Love to hear from any of my crew members.
Palmatier, K PE-3May 8, 1963 – Oct 12, 1965V-3I WAS THE BAY ONE PO
Lightfoot, DennisEM2Aug 1963 – Jan 21, 1967EEAssigned to the Lighting Shoppe.
Lonergan, GeorgeEM/3Sep 1, 1963 – Mar 1, 1965EEGen. #3
Lightfoot, DennisEM2Sep 7, 1963 – Jan 20, 1967Engineering ElectricalWorked in the light power/lighting shop on Bonnie Dick. After my service I went to college in California then worked for Boeing, City of Torrance, GTE (32yrs), Cox Cable (10yrs) in the electrical departments.
Adessa, Chester/chetPN3Sep 11, 1963 – Jan 1965X DIVISIONFirst Concord Squadron - 1964 Indian Ocean, Shah of Iran visit- does anyone remember those days? Ray Perez-my friend.
Christensen, John / ChrisAK-3Sep 25, 1963 – Jan 14, 1966S-6Aboard during deployment as CONCORD SQUADRON visiting Indian Ocean/Madagascar/Kenya/Aden. Crossed equator 08/April/1964=Shellbacker. Second WestPac cruise off Vietnam (Yankee & Dixie stations)
Foss, Gene "Hook"Oct 1963 – 1965BTProud to serve on the BHR.
Settle, GaryFTG3Oct 1963 – Nov 11, 1966FOX
Sharpe, MartyBM3Dec 1963 – Dec 17, 1964W1 W3

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